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Women's Health & Hormones: 

As Alaya walks the beautiful park in her home town of Ashland, she seems many clients who have transformed their lives in session work with her.  She sees many clients with the family they longed to create, and others who have transformed their lives into health, wellbeing, and happiness.  Alaya has facilitated life changing sessions with countless clients for over forty years, and she has a special soft spot for working to help Women become empowered and at peace. 

Session work with Alaya is potent due to a rare combination of extensive expertise, professional and personal experience and insight gained from a highly insightful life journey resurrecting from being close to death four times.  Every skill Alaya teaches, every highly personalized session that Alaya creates is very powerful.  She meets every client as the complex individual she is and works the magic, interweaving a number of modalities and intuition for client success.  Clients know Alaya understands, and they feel the difference that makes.  

Clients come to see Alaya from all distances, and she works in person and in video live sessions globally.  Many clients have experienced miscarriages and stillbirths - some more than once, others have been to doctors and need complimentary therapies in support of medical protocols, while others require the clarity and emotional stability that comes with deeper insight, new patterns of thought and behavior that are created through the combination of her many skills and talents - all crafted according to the needs of each and every individual.  Alaya's specialized certifications and experience in all four branches of hypnosis: Clinical, Medical, Alchemical, and Transpersonal, plus extensive expertise in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, Somatic Emotion Release, Biofeedback, Nervous System Regulation, and Mind Mastery combine for a rare and powerfully life changing experience.  

Our bodies are a magnificent creation.  They are designed to play a beautiful melody, like a perfectly tuned orchestra.  Our organs are envelopes of pulsation, every system emitting a specific vibration, frequency and tone.  All of creation is designed this way.  Due to several circumstances including nature, nurture, stress, dis~ease, injury, ancestoral patterns, etc. and Our bodies begin to malfunction in different ways.  


The creation of our bodies is so perfect that other parts step in to help, to compensate.  This takes it's toll on the whole, on the orchestra as a full unit.  The longer our systems are off balance, the more potential for disharmony in other ways and systems.  Like an angle, the greater the distance from the intersecting planes, the greater the variance from optimal state.  Our  nervous system affects and influences every other system, as does our limbic system -  it is our deepest emotional imprints that create our thought and behaviorial patterns. 


In session work with Alaya, the use of hypnosis with neuroscience, somatics and biofeedback, all the ways in which she applies her vast expertise and experience, systems have the opportunity to experience deep rest, realignment, and rebalancing.  The body loves this invitation to accelerate healing and to return to it's beautifully created harmony.


Clients feel restored, encouraged, empowered as they learn how to speak with their bodies and their systems, as they gain clarity about how to achieve their dreams and their wellbeing... sometimes this is the ability to become pregnant, and the realization with confidence that they can create and carry a healthy baby full term with a birthing process that is all they desire.  Other times clients heal deep unresolved traumas and confusion that transform their lives into a life they could barely imagine.  The depth of peace clients experience and their successful attainment of their goals is remarkable. 

Sometimes it is the clearing and healing of ancestoral and parental relationships that enables them to become pregnant.  Sometimes it is their ability to now choose habits and behaviors that prosper their physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and other times a client gains clarity that pregnancy is actually not their choice.

Life has it's own timing, and we can influence our own systems to play that beautiful melody and restore it's natural created balance.  When entering the "Field of Unlimited Potential," all is possible beyond perceived limitations.  Alaya's inspirational life story exemplifies this truth.  It is the combination of expertise, professional and personal experience, and the insights these have brought that create such potent sessions for Alaya's clients.  For more detail about Alaya's private practice, see the Home page. 


For more about Alaya, see the Meet Alaya section.  Also see the following pages for pertinent specifics:  Fertility, Pregnancy, Weight MasteryMedical Hypnotherapy.  Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation call with Alaya with the contact form on this website.  Be encouraged, help is here. 






"Thank you so much Alaya. 

You have helped me so much!"
A.G., Grants Pass, OR.  

"Working with you has been a game changer."

S. L., Talent, OR. 


Rate Policy:  
Alaya trusts most clients  to pay the full standard rates so that she may offer a  sliding scale to those whom standard rates would be a true hardship.  Whenever possible, Alaya offers this valuable work to all.   

*Ask about the special offers during the Corona Crises. *


* Monthly Special *

Prepay for five sessions at the full standard rate and receive the sixth session free.

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