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The Vision

“The Truth of who you are is already Awake, already Free, already Pure, already Beautiful and Whole and in Love with itself. And in surrendering to the Truth of yourself, you find yourself in Everyone and Everything.”

Alaya’s Vision is to enhance the quality of life to her clients with purpose, presence and power to clarify and achieve the significant goals of their life, as well as heal from very harmful and traumatic influences and experiences.  She does this by providing her expertise, skills, talents, intuition, and compassionate support in applying Advanced Hypnotherapy and Accelerated NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Meta States techniques, Biofeedback-HeartMath real-time feedback and success, Life Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness and Meditation Instruction. She offers very personalized sessions in order for her clients to accomplish all that they most need and long to achieve. She knows that this combination of highly refined skill, insight, discernment and understanding to apply the most powerful approach and combination of modalities is a significant factor in the  transformation of her clients’ life and health.  Her own inspirational life story informs all of her work with her clients in a very potent way.

Empower your life

Alaya envisions helping her clients to empower and free themselves from limiting anxiety, pain, fear, doubt, frustration, and disease states in her office setting, healing clinics, in the hospital, in surgery, in the recovery room, in the client’s home, and in workplaces. She has also helped to create miraculous changes and healing to many painfully complex and compounded life challenges presented by her clients. (Please see her Testimonials Page for a few powerful examples.)
She has also worked extensively with athletes in the sports of golf, tennis, running, swimming and more to triumph over obstacles and inhibitions through the mental aspects of the game.  She has traveled to the golf course, tennis court, and other arenas in order to help enhance and streamline the mindset of athletes.  The mental aspects are widely recognized by the most successful college and professional sports leaders as being the significant key to becoming a champion enhancing the aspects of focus, discipline, self~talk, ability to envision and believe, as well as control their emotions, focus without grasping and contraction, even the breath ~ all of these can be targeted and give the edge of one player over another… brining them into “their zone.”  She herself as used these techniques successfully in the athletic arenas of her life as well as in her inner growth and life journey.
Alaya has chosen this work because she feels a deep passion, compassion, and meaningful purpose in bringing valuable awareness, inspiration and empowerment to those who seek relief from suffering, hope to those who may feel they are in hopeless circumstances, and success to those who desire to excel in their life in many capacities. Alaya integrates her valuable skills and training with her intuitive sensitivity, creating a personal and customized approach that results in her clients’ success and liberation from self limiting patterns and behaviors, enabling them to be more open to accelerated healing and peace of mind.
She believes that this is the time for the evolution of human beings to recognize themselves as the powerful beings that we all are, which means accessing the valuable tools, therapies, and human connections that matrix us all to the most vital resources, facts, and techniques. We are waking-up to the possibilities and potential of our minds in rapidly advancing forms. Alaya’s research, training, inspiration and insight in the mind-body-spirit connection continues to expand so that she may offer to her clients heartfelt and accelerated approaches for the brilliance of human potential.

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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