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Hypnotherapy significantly helps patients through surgery. Preoperative hypnotic preparation of the patient allays anticipatory anxiety and allows for more restful adaptation. Evidence has supported decreased blood loss, less swelling, and consistent heart rates and pulse both during and after surgical procedures. As a partial anesthetic and a tranquilizer, hypnosis may reduce the dosage of premedication and of anesthetics. The combination of chemical and hypno-anesthesia is stimulating serious interest as to the subconscious mechanisms that positively influence operative outcome and recovery. Postoperatively, hypnotic intervention aims to accelerate the physical and psychological task of convalescent healing.


Alaya may work with the surgeon when possible, and be present during the surgical procedure. This would enable the patient to adjust to the anesthesia and the environment, while suggestions may be whispered to the deeply anesthetized patient to monitor biological function and the entire surgical and recovery process. Sessions can be very valuable in the hospital, at rehabilitation centers, and in the home during healing stages.

"I don’t know where you came from, but I think you must be my Angel. I had my other knee replaced a few years ago, and this time I was so much more calm throughout the entire thing. I also felt much less pain than I did with the other knee replacement. i give the credit to you and your help for this. Your presence before and immediately after surgery, as well as in the rehab center, kept me so relaxed ~ I was amazed. I am very grateful, I have been telling everyone about you. Thank you so much."


A.J., Medford, Oregon

Sky Full of Light

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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