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The mind is an awesome power.  For those individuals and athletes who are serious about improving their scores, performance and enjoyment of any performance or activity learning how to access your most resourceful inner and mental states is imperative.  Finding your Authentic Swing and your Authentic Self on the Course and Beyond is about an ease of success in all aspects of Life and all areas of focus when you know how.  The mastery and advanced level skills of Alaya’s expertise can show you how.  The most successful people in every sport or chosen focus have been taught and practiced what Alaya brings to her clients… your FULL potential.  Using the power of the subconscious mind to maximum performance levels and an ease that comes with Peak Experience mentoring you will never be the same on the course, court, stage or in Life.


As a former golfer and present swimmer, hiker, yoga practitioner, public speaker, kayaker and writer Alaya is able to understand the challenges of wanting to excel mentally and physically in a chosen sport or performance based~activity. Alaya applies her mastery level expertise in Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Peak Experience and Mindfulness Coaching so that the mind becomes a great ally in the mastery of all sports and performance levels.  Her advanced skills and methods bring clients to the place of being a winner, feeling safe, energized, optimistic, alert, focused, self-confident, and able to maintain the flow reaching that one true authentic swing.


In session work with her both in her office and onsite, clients are able to eliminate fear and avoidance, frustration, over thinking and other mental states. Through teaching and mentoring her clients in the tools that address the inner game of their chosen sport or activity, Alaya can make the difference for you between just playing an average game, producing an average performance, or instead using the full power of your mind and skill with confidence and calm.


Golf, in particular, is said to be one of the most mentally demanding games in existence. Alaya teaches the inner game of mental strategies that cease the over thinking and analysis of the game and instead allow her clients to enter the peak state experiences that arise through whole brain resourcing and presence. Accessing these states is the one significant factor to freeing the mind and accessing optimal performance. 


Finding your authentic swing is all about learning how to enter a state of effortless, timeless flow from which the game may be played with mental stillness and ease. This may sound impossible or intimidating, however it can be taught, anchored and with practice will become the defining skill of your game.  This one true authentic swing is something that each one of us is born with and is a thoroughly natural state, also known as the “field” or “zone.”  A peak experience can be taught and practiced so that it is obtainable at will, and Alaya is a master in this.  With Alaya’s experiences of this state often over sustainable time periods, she is able to lead her clients to discover it and call upon it at will.


NLP and Hypnotherapy are used to enhance all performance by fine-tuning a relaxed and increasingly focused concentration, increasing confidence, consistency, improving muscle memory, developing a clear mental visual for each skill and action, sustaining effective practice, and achieving successful enjoyment in and out of competition.


Tiger Woods’ domination of modern golf revealed a shift to the total body-mind approach to athletic training. Also National Basketball Association Coach Phil Jackson is known for crediting his many successes with the L.A. Lakers to teaching the practice of self-hypnosis and visualization to his team. Retired golf champion Ben Hogan is quoted as saying that “Golf is 20% technique and 80% mental,” while Jack Nicklaus has stated that he believes golf to be 90% mental preparation and only 10% skill.


Whether it is tennis, golf, boxing, baseball or other activities, many sportspeople utilize hypnosis, NLP, and Peak Experience Coaching to achieve high levels of success as a professional, amateur, or recreational athlete regardless of age, skill level, or sport. Training the inner mind is a powerful tool to improve scores, sharpen mental and physical acuity, and maximizing the entire experience of sports, public speaking, stage acting, sales, and grades. Hypnosis is successful in building confidence, focus, transforming negative associations and emotional blocks, mastering anxiety and enlisting all of the senses, feelings and positive thoughts to be enhanced and put into action.  It’s called SUCCESS.

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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