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Trauma, Discernment… Because I Care

Important information about Trauma Activation, the research, and choosing a practitioner with discernment … because I care.

Trauma is an experience of epidemic proportions among our population. In fact it’s become a popular buzz word right now for both our population and practitioners. As a practitioner with specialized training in trauma release both somatically and through the neural pathways, I know that thankfully there is in~depth research that has created greater awareness in working with cases of trauma. Many of the former therapies that used to be used for PTSD actually re-imprint trauma, causing more symptoms and perhaps even contributing to the high suicide rate of soldiers and others with severe PTSD. There are modalities specifically created and evidence~based that address the suffering of PTSD in a more safe and healthy manner without the risk of re-imprinting the trauma. It’s very important to seek out practitioners that have such specialized training. I care, and therefore share about this importance.

It is known that trauma actually changes the brain, the neural pathways and is trapped in the body ‘Somatically,’ stacking up when not processed in appropriate and effective ways with skilled trained facilitators. It’s hard for those who have never experienced the sudden onset of such symptoms to truly understand how it feels and the importance of knowing the correct ways to work with trauma. Teaching nervous system regulation goes hand-and-hand with recovering from trauma activation and response.

My background as a career Social Worker, Founder and Chair of Keeping Ashland Women Safe Task Force (K.A.W.S.), and Co-Chair of the Jackson County Council Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, my specialized and extensive expertise, combined with having experienced catastrophic circumstances more than once has taught me much. Learning these modalities both as a client and a practitioner, I have deep insight into this condition. I have worked with numerous clients with PTSD, and historical abuse and violence. I understand the importance of working in specific ways to help my clients heal and to become empowered.

Please be very discerning when you choose the practitioner to facilitate your session work. I made it through, so can you. All is Possible.

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