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Mediation is a form of conflict resolution that is very useful when both parties choose to settle a dispute outside of the courtroom.  The mediator creates safety and respect so that both parties can be listened to and with the goal of enhanced clarity and understanding.  Agreements are co~created and usually legally binding.  

Alaya has mediated countless conflicts to successful mutual resolution. She especially enjoys the process of Mediation in that it brings to light facts and feelings that are unknown to each party, factors that are usually causing the dispute, and transforms participants’ perceptions without convincing or leverage from one party over another.  This is not done through therapy or analysis, but instead by simply allowing parties to respectfully voice their perspectives and concerns, as new information comes to the surface, and giving time for each party to respond after considering what they have heard.  She welcomes creativity in the process of molding an agreement.  Alaya likes to term the breaking point in the conversation when the remedy is at hand, as “The Heart in the Middle of the Table that just needs to be revealed.”


As a senior level Mediator, Alaya is well known in the community for her special talent in holding simultaneously both the business and intuitive aspects of Mediation.   She has extensive training and experience including, but not limited to:  Community Mediation, Family, Relationship, Multigenerational, Bi-Racial, Parent-Teen, Foreclosure, and more.   She also serves as a Training Coach for the organizations providing education and experience for new mediators.

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Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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