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Hyponotherapy Facts

“Whatever you think you can do, you can. Boldness has a magic, power, and genius to it.”

All of us are under a form of waking hypnosis on a daily, moment-to-moment basis. We are under various trances that limit our capacities for creativity, discipline, efficiency, power, and intelligence. We can choose to give ourselves the gift of awakening. To awaken our body-mind intelligence is a very potent aspect of our human design and a waiting opportunity. The use of hypnotherapy in this process is extremely effective and valuable.

Hypnosis is a form of highly focused attention, a safe non-invasive state of deeper relaxation and concentration that enables people to better understand the way they perceive, process, and think. Hypnotherapy, as Alaya facilitates, is a safe and powerful way to access deep core issues and transform circumstances that are self limiting and painful. It is a state that feels deeply relaxing and still enables one to move, speak, and return to full consciousness if desired. No one can be controlled to do anything that is out of alignment with his or her values. With more clarity that each client finds for her or his self, the conscious mind can receive communication from the subconscious and change counter-productive patterns and create lasting desired change.


The subconscious influences what we think, how we feel, and often the choices we make. It is synonymous to the software of a computer – by changing the software and thus using other programming, new perceptions, behaviors, and feelings are accessed.

The subconscious can create struggles, stress, and disease. The subconscious can also either eliminate and/or manage pain, alter long-held behavioral patterns, end addictions, stimulate healing, modify symptoms, expand our awareness, and give us insight into what we need to live healthy productive lives and experience enhanced performance in many areas.

Significant research has been documented and shows that hypnosis is used successfully as an adjunct and primary therapy for many medical, behavioral, emotional, and circumstantial conditions. (Please note that all medical conditions require consultation with a physician and proper medical care.) Sometimes there is concern about the ability to be hypnotized. Almost everyone can be hypnotized, except for those few who hold a greater fear of being hypnotized than motivation to follow simple instructions and to allow themselves to become relaxed. Everyone feels levels of hypnotic trance differently. Alaya has extensive experience with both waking hypnosis and deep trance, so her skills help her clients to become at ease and resolve concerns quickly.

Worry is actually negative hypnosis. An estimated 60-90% of doctor visits involve stress-related complaints and symptoms, according to a recent Newsweek special publication entitled “The New Science of Mind & Body”. Several studies using positron emission topography (PET) have looked at what goes on in the brain during hypnosis. The results: the regions of the brain normally activated during specific functions were activated in the hypnotized subjects, proving that if a person thinks he is seeing something, he/she actually sees it and the brain acts as though it is seeing it. The facts indicate that whatever one focuses upon becomes manifested, and as thoughts are imprinted into the subconscious they create a biochemical response within the body creating our health or illness.


Numerous scientists, medical and other health professionals, professional athletes and coaches, professional motivators, therapists, teachers, business people, and spiritual leaders have long recognized the body-mind-spirit connection and its power in transforming destructive patterns into constructive, productive ones.

Consistent new programming within the subconscious is always more powerful than past programming when the two are in conflict. Hypnotherapy substitutes harmful thoughts, commands, and visuals with new healing imprints that provide lasting change, empowerment, and liberation from behavior and conditions that cause distress and disease. Hypnotherapy has become such a widely accepted and effective response to life’s challenges that the federal government budget included $16 million dollars on mind-body research, including hypnosis, in 2005.

Through Alaya’s hypnotherapy practice, clients come into a more direct awareness of deeply rooted harmful patterns and to achieve freedom from them, to know and utilize the vast power that lies within their mind, to reconnect with the longing of their Heart, to achieve important goals, and to ease life transitions. Her expertise in both deep trance and waking hypnosis , as well as hyperempiria techniques, creates ease in facilitating powerful therapeutic experiences.

Along with Alaya’s specialized training in Hypnotherapy, Alaya is trained and certified in Accelerated NLP Meta-States. This enables her to bring her clients into many accelerated facets of their minds and bodies including access to meta-cognitive skills and self-reflexive awareness; departure from closed-ended loops; awareness of mental-emotional states to create accelerated learning ability to re-label and reframe inattentiveness to transform layers of negative thoughts and feelings into self-acceptance/ self-appreciation/ self-confidence; enhancement of muscle-to- memory neurology; endowment of meanings and values at higher levels, discovery of strategies for dynamic take-charge positioning; taking intentional stances with highest objectives; and accessing personal ‘flow’ and genius, mastery, and congruence for efficacy and power.

The following is only a partial list of the many areas in which hypnotherapy is used effectively: Pain, anxiety, surgery, disease states including but not limited to Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis; neurology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, gynecology, ophthalmologic and otolaryngeal specialties, urology, burn conditions, emergency room, digestive disorders, migraines, depression, dental procedures, phobias, fertility, birthing, weight mastery, smoking cessation, sleep disorders, habit transformation, sports performance, performing arts, grades and learning improvement, relationships, panic disorders, public speaking, self-esteem and confidence, career development, all facets of successful business and sales, life enhancement, transition easement.

In a time where we have all come to know that the more we know about life, our bodies, and our minds, the more there is for us to know. Why not give yourself and/or your patients the gift of achieving the best health and the highest quality of life possible.

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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