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Alaya has extensive experience with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with this condition following a critical car crash that left her completely disabled and suffering tremendous pain from complications. This was when the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was not only uncommon; there was also significant judgment about the myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Fibromyalgia was considered to be completely psychosomatic. Having been ignored, ridiculed, disrespected, and subtly advised to go to the community mental health division, Alaya began research into her symptoms and was determined to return to find a cure. She remembered twenty years prior having gone to a doctor due to confusing symptoms, and the doctor had told her that she was suffering from a mysterious illness and could drop dead at any moment. He recommended extensive testing and even the possibility of cancer, however she decided to walk away and find a cure herself. She had always been drawn to spiritual paths, however now they took on new meaning. She knew it was up to her to find the way to heal, once again.


Alaya worked with a very brilliant natural healer on the Oregon Coast who used herbs, natural supplements, diet, meditation, humor, and honest introspection to help his clients become well. Alaya began to ingest many different formulas and techniques, and one day he told her that because she was willing to do what it took to become well, she would one day be well. Indeed, she underwent many unpleasant and unpleasing experiences however her goals were always clear and she was determined to become well again. At the same time, she began to learn advanced meditation techniques from a Buddhist Master. This expanded her abilities to focus, be present, and re-energize her body and mind. She also trained herself in many forms of discipline and power of the mind. She spent all of her waking and sleeping moments listening to tapes and watching videos that educated her on natural and spiritual healing modalities.


After four years of suffering, two emergency surgeries, and extensive research and experimentation, today Alaya is very healthy. People comment on her vibrant presence, and it is because of her return to life when all seemed hopeless that she is able to help bring others to that place of hope, encouragement, introspection, and self-empowerment. She uses the techniques she learned through her own healing process, as well as advanced Hypnotherapy, Hyperemperia, NLP Meta States, Empathic Energy Healing, Self-Inquiry and Validation, Art Analysis, Dream Analysis, Hypno-Pain Management, Hypno-Anxiety Easement, and more.


Hypnotherapy relies upon empathic emotional understanding between hypnotherapist and client, and Alaya’s highly intuitive and empathic nature gives her clients a feeling that they can trust her, confide in her, and allow themselves to be open with her in order to find relief and clarity through hypnotherapy. She realizes that her client’s personal capabilities are far greater than they may ever have imagined.

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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