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Empowerment is defined as:


  1. The giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization

  2. The giving of ability; enablement or permission

  3. Enabling, equipping, emancipating or freeing

In order to live the life that we are born to live, to create the life we love to live with good health, clear mind, ability to focus, demonstrating good will to others with generosity, we must become Empowered. When we are struggling, preoccupied, physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged and blocked by stored trauma our inherent abilities are limited and these limitations can lead to a downward trend causing many forms of suffering to ourselves and others. To live with such challenges can feel frustrating and very lonely, even desolating and cause health and relational challenges.
We all seek to be happy and fulfilled, to have our needs met, and to be able to give back to others and life in various ways. More than this, we are designed to be powerful, unlimited creators. However due to a combination of personal and cultural programming and experiences, we are living a life of great limitation. It is, therefore, wise to seek out a healthy and wise foundation of knowledge, tools, practices, and understanding to enhance our ability to design our life intentionally, with purpose, rather than to go through life reacting to events as they occur. Self-empowerment and freedom are ours when we realize our true nature and apply our skills with openness and dedication to grow beyond our moment-to-moment limitations.
Alaya uses extensive advanced hypnotherapy, neuroscience to gain direct access to the area of the brain that is holding the limiting patterns and frozen time capsules of trauma, biofeedback for the client to gain confidence in experiencing regulation in real time, mind mastery training teaching skills that can be used for success in many life areas throughout a client's life,and present centered awareness “Mindfulness.” Clients access the latent empowerment within one’s self and reveal the hidden wisdom, gifts, clarity, power and peace that is ours to claim.
Give yourself the gift of empowerment through sessions with Alaya. It will be one of the most valuable gifts you ever offer yourself.

"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day

you found out why."    

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


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