Warm Greetings, And a Special Note:
We are living in very challenging times.  With one global and regional shock after another, many people are reeling from the experiences. 
Raging wildfires in Southern Oregon have caused thousands to lose their homes and alter their lives forever.   All over Earth we see and hear of crisis.  So how do we cope?  We reach out to those who can teach new skills, help us to recenter and
create our lives in a new way.   This is why I am here.   Helping you to restore calm, gain clarity, and to begin on the path to new ways, new chapters, and new loves. 

Current Special:  I am offering no cost sessions to those who have lost their homes due to the fires, and sliding scale to others impacted.   

There are a number of locations offering donated supplies.  This google document spreadsheet is one central location to find what you ned and what you'd like to offer.  It is just in formation. 

There are also several facebook groups forming around the needs of those who have lost their homes.   Please take good care everyone.  Reach out for what you need. 

Private Balcony Sessions: 
Due to Covid-19, I have the following special offerings:
Private Balcony Sessions  at my office overlooking the beautiful grounds of
Hidden Springs Wellness Center, or  in my Fresh Air Office.
We are following all detailed sanitation processes according to CDC guidelines at the center.   I also continue to offer Global Zoom Live Video Sessions from
wherever you are located.    

Please also ee the Gift Card Link on this website under the Contact form to the right. This is a wonderful way during the Wildfire Crisis and Covid-19 to support your health and well being professionals. I rely on my private practice to support me and with my special reduced and no cost offers each month to help those in hardship, I appreciate your purchase of gift cards greatly.  Thank you in advance.  


REST, RESET, REBALANCE, LEARN SKILLS in the face of compressing anxiety, fear, shock & trauma.  Alaya offers Depth Hypnosis interwoven with cutting-edge research in Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Peak Performance Flow States, Somatic and Sensorimotor Crises Interventions, all while leveraging your subconscious mind so that clients successful achieve clarity, success, and rise to meet and exceed life requirements and more - to thrive.  This is so important now, and always. 

Session work is especially helpful during these times, as the change in brain waves allows the body to restore, rest and rebalance in an accelerated way.

The power of the mind to preserve Peace during challenging times is the greatest practice. The distance desired from one another in my office is easily maintained, if in-person session work is your preference.  Hidden Springs Wellness Center has taken the CDC's sanitation protocols seriously.  Please see the measures we are undertaking below. 

There are special precautions being taken at the center:
1. You’ll see the sign on the door of the center as a reminder when you come in to please head straight to the bathroom to give your hands a good washing.  I will meet you at the door and escort you through the process. 

2. Practitioners are aligning with the CDC and asking patients/clients with symptoms to please call their practitioners rather than show up.

3. If you have had a fever or other cold-like or respiratory symptoms within 72-hours, please let me now and I will reschedule your appointment to a future date.

4. Our restroom is being equipped with brand new automatic paper towel facilities for your ease of use and sanitary precautions.

5. We’ve lightened the enforcement of our “speak quietly” policy. In order to not have to whisper into each other’s ears and maintain a good “social distance,” so feel free to raise your voice a bit now in the center.

I appreciate the trust that you place in me and in Hidden Springs Wellness Center.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our center and clients safe while providing the services you need.


Remember let's keep our minds and bodies in focus with kindness, and trust in our essential well being. Our bodies are vessels of amazing powers and inherent desire to heal. Let's help with wonderful positive thoughts of a beautiful springtime. Focus on even the smallest pleasurable and beautiful sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and thoughts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or special requests, and to schedule.

Much love to each of you ~ Alaya

Empowering People

Acclaimed Depth Hypnotherapist Alaya M. Ketani is renowned for her life changing session work. Enjoy happiness, health, and success as Alaya provides techniques and understanding to help you reach your goals. Ms. Ketani will expand your awareness and skill set in a very individualized way sensitive and tuned into to your life experience, helping you identify the healthiest approach to your present and future.  With a healed past and the understanding needed to live peacefully and successfully, you can intentionally create a present and future of empowerment and wellbeing that is sustainable.  Alaya applies the extensive insight she’s gained through over 40 years of expertise and applied mind-body wisdom.  With her rare combination of experience and skills she shows you the way to reach your highest optimum goals.  Her intention is to impact, inspire and empower her clients for lasting change, happiness, resiliency, and success.  She has top ratings and numerous testimonials speak to her  expertise, seeing clients in three Southern Oregon office locations:  Ashland, Grants Pass and Bandon.


Alaya Ketani combines four branches of Hypnotherapy:  Clinical, Medical, Transpersonal, and Alchemical Hypnotherapy with Neuroscience and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Trauma Recovery and Somatic Emotion Release, HeartMath Biofeedback , Mind Mastery Training and insightful Peak Performance Life Coaching, the newest Emotional Freedom Technique “Faster EFT,” and Havening.  As a Certified Professional Life Coach she teaches her clients how to redesign their life through the understanding of how the mind operates and Neurolinguistic Programming.  She also offers instruction in Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis. Alaya offers a rare and powerful combination of training and experience with an interweaving of modalities that create highly refined sessions specifically and intuitively designed for each client.  Clients learn to access your Personal Genius and gain the tools to create a successful and peaceful life.  Practitioners everywhere refer clients and patients to Alaya:  Psychologists, Doctors, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists, Counselors, and more.


Alaya is Founder and Chair of the task force K.A.W.S. Keeping Ashland Women Safe. The mission of K.A.W.S. is to to provide a platform for ongoing community recognition of the violence and threat of violence against Women, and to ensure their safety. This is accomplished through social media, events, risk prevention and empowerment trainings, and active culture change. K.A.W.S. works in collaboration with the Ashland Police Department and other agencies. Please “Like” our facebook page:


Alaya also served as Co-Chair of the Jackson County Council Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  In this position, Alaya worked for the the safety and empowerment of the most vulnerable sectors of our population who are victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence.


The unique difference Alaya brings is the combined inspiration of extensive training, 40 years of client experience and the insights formed through her own inspirational life journey triumphing over catastrophic circumstances more than once.  You will experience her vast expertise and her engaged heart as she teaches you how to change your life and start your New Beginning.  Begin Now; Find Your Miracle.  Make an appointment to see Alaya in one of her three Southern Oregon office locations: Ashland, Grants Pass and Bandon, Oregon. Alaya also sees clients in hospitals, recovery and retreat centers, golf courses, tennis courts and more throughout the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon. She serves clients in local communities including Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point, White City, Gold Hill, Shady Cove, Cave Junction, and Klamath Falls, Roseburg, Brookings, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Bandon, Reedsport, Yreka, Weed, Mt. Shasta and more. People also travel nationwide to experience potent session work with Alaya.  She also offers skype/ facetime/ zoom and telephone sessions. 


See the link below to hear Alaya’s recent interview on KSKQ Community Radio.  She appears live on radio twice per week to thousands of listeners:


Empowering Performance

Excellent performance requires excellent focus and the internal rhythm and flow that is a felt experience.  Athletes, actors, public speakers, and others who need to perform at a high level under stressful conditions benefit from Ms. Ketani’s knowledge of neuroscience and Hypnotherapytechniques that provide insight and mastery over their mental game. 
Alaya brings out the best in athletes and those seeking success in their chosen performance fields.  Alaya especially loves working with the mental game of golf, is endorsed by and collaborates with PGA certified teaching professionals as well as other athletic trainers to help clients find their authentic inner genius and flow so that their mindset is one that enhances rather than hinders their success. Clients experience first-hand “the zone” and learn how to activate peak experiences intentionally and repeatedly. This is the winning touch that every athlete and performer longs for and can achieve in a sustainable way for the long term working with Alaya.


As a former golfer, tennis player, swimmer, equestrian, and presently as a public speaker she really understands the inner workings of the mental game.  This along with her expertise in Neuroscience and Hypnotherapy enables her to connect with clients in a special way to raise their inside game, and excel in empowered ways that seemed impossible before working with Ms. Ketani.


Empowering Environments

Move your business or organization to a higher level of functionality by creating healthier relationships between members and groups. Communication is key to all well-functioning social structures. Alaya M. Ketani provides informational talks and demonstrations that help groups learn methods to promote healthy communication, positive growth, and organizational harmony as well as instruction on how to reduce stress and create healthy and effective behavioral patterns. Resorts, corporations, agencies, golf courses, athletic centers, schools, clinics, and senior care facilities are great fits for these educational and therapeutic services.  As a Senior-Level Mediator, Alaya also has advanced training and expertise with family, relationship, community, and multicultural conflict resolution and negotiation strategies.


Empowering Relationships

Much more than a Hypnotherapist, Neuroscience and Somatic Practitioner, and outstanding teacher, coach and mentor, Alaya M. Ketani is also a registered Minister who performs nondenominational weddings in addition to pre-wedding consultation and guidance.  She offers respectful, nondiscriminatory services in alignment with your wishes. Enjoy the heartfelt touch Alaya brings to helping you plan a ceremony that reflects your love and commitment.


Empowering You

Schedule your free telephone consultation, initial intake session or wedding appointment with Alaya Ketani today.  Prepayment for out of town sessions can be made with PayPal and Square.  Discuss this with Alaya at the time of your scheduling.  Now is the time for your New Beginning.


Book Now

Sessions range from 45 to 80 minutes, depending on client needs, affordability, and the specific nature of work we are doing.  Ms. Ketani offers individual session rates as well as prepaid series package reduced fees.  Some sliding scale fees are available in cases of financial hardship.  Paid invoices can be provided for your submittal to insurance.


Please check with your individual coverage as Ms. Ketani is not part of any insurance boards.  Medical flex accounts usually reimburse the client.  Alaya accepts cash, local checks, and credit cards; there is an unavoidable surcharge on credit card transactions.  Seasonally, Alaya forms group sessions with a particular focus. Also, you are welcome to organize your own group and contact Alaya for special group rates. (Please feel free to discuss your specific situation with Alaya in times of serious financial hardship.)

Alaya offers free telephone consultations, and can be reached by phone at (541) 292-2945, or with through this contact form. Give yourself this gift of empowerment and create a new life. Alaya welcomes your contact.

Focus on Empowerment

KAWS Logo colour.jpg

Alaya is passionate about increasing the safety, equality and empowerment of Women.  She is Founder and Executive Director of K.A.W.S. Keeping Ashland (And All) Women Safe Task Force, K.A.W.S. is a registered nonprofit and works collaboratively with other organizations.  It is able to receive tax deductive donations.  See the email at:  Keepingashlandwomensafe. com.  Also please email: KeepingAshlandWomenSafe @gmail.com and see the facebook page:  www.facebook.com/KeepingAshlandWomenSafe/ for more information about K.A.W.S. 

See the upcoming fantastic event that Alaya created through her nonprofit K.A.W.S.  For all Women and Girls.

Alaya M. Ketani CHT    CFT    CPC


Rate Policy:  
Alaya trusts most clients  to pay the full standard rates so that she may offer a  sliding scale to those whom standard rates would be a true hardship.  Whenever possible, Alaya offers this valuable work to all.   

*Be sure and ask about the special offers during the Corona times. *


Pay Online
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See Alaya's July 2020 Interview with The Rogue Valley Messenger here: 



Grants  Pass, June 15, 2018

We welcome Alaya Ketani, CHT CFT CPC to our Grants Pass medical office.

Naturopathic Medicine Clinic

1200 NE 7th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526

On the corner of 7th & Manzanita, opposite Brighton Academy


Alaya will be seeing clients on Fridays beginning June 15th. She has already seen several of our patients with great success, and we hope that with the weekly visit to our office, she will be able to help more people with her powerful session work. This is Alaya's third office, with other locations in Bandon and her main office in Ashland.


“I feel really lucky that I’ve found Alaya. She is an amazing person and gifted therapist. She listens and gives me mindful advice and her soothing voice always takes me to a peaceful place. She gave me courage and strength to challenge my fertility issue. After a series of sessions, I was pregnant and gave birth to my precious son. I am not good at writing and I wish I could express my feelings better, because I want everybody to know how special you are to me, Alaya. I can’t give enough thanks to Alaya. She helped my dream come true, and I will continue seeing her.”

— Sayaka, Grants Pass, Oregon

New Special Opportunities

* Special October Wildfire Relief Offering* 
All individuals who have lost their home in the wildfires receive their first two sessions at no cost, with further consideration on an individual basis.  Sliding Scale rates apply to all individuals in financial hardship due and impacted by the wildfires of Southern Oregon. 


When Corona Restrictions Are Lifted: 
Comprehensive Full Day Scheduling:

* Morning Intake Session for new clients, or assess focused plan for present clients. 

  * Break
  * Session Two  
  * Prearranged Nonworking  Lunch ( included in price)

  * Afternoon Session 3 with assessment for future sessions.  

$750.00 Total for the Day. 
Free telephone prescreening required. 


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